Once your racket has been dropped off, we will pick it up and contact you via email/telephone to let you know when it will be ready and when it has been returned. Most rackets are ready within 24-48 hours unless there is a delay in ordering any strings that are out of stock.

You can pick up your racket from Canterbury Squash Club from 6:30pm to 9:30pm Monday to Thursday.

If you need to collect your racket outside of these hours, please send us an email and we can arrange to meet you at the squash club with your racket at a convenient time and day.
Payment can be made for the racket restring up front or it can be made upon receipt of the restrung racket. We accept cash, cheque and payments.

For cash and cheque payments please leave the payment in an envelope with your name on it at the drop off point where you left your racket. For cheque payments, please make cheques payable to Joe Magor.

Payments for racket stringing and accessories can now be made online using by filling out the form below selecting the string that you have had your racket restring with. You do not need to have a PayPal account to pay using this method. PayPal accepts the following cards:

Once you have completed the restring form or the online web form, you can drop the racket off for us to collect at:

Canterbury Squash Rackets Club, Giles Lane, Canterbury, Kent, CT2 9DE

Rackets can be dropped off behind the bar at the squash club from 7:00pm to 9:30pm Monday to Thursday. If you need to drop the racket off outside of these hours, please either email us or mention in the online web form a time that is convenient for you and we can arrange a meeting at the squash club and arrange for the collection in person. The same applies for racket drop offs once the racket has been restrung.

If you have dropped of the racket behind the bar, please email us to let us know or mention it on the online web form above.

Please click on the icon on the left to download an Adobe Reader (pdf) version of the restring form.
Please click on the icon on the left to download a Microsoft PowerPoint (ppt) version of the restring form.

Prior to dropping off the racket, we ask customers if they can please complete a racket restring form (available to download below in Adobe Reader (pdf) format or Microsoft PowerPoint (ppt) format) by printing it off and including it with the racket when dropping it off at the drop off point at Canterbury Squash Rackets Club.

Alternatively, you can complete the online form on the left by filling in the details and clicking the ‘submit’ button. This ensures that we are made aware that your racket has been dropped off for restringing and can arrange for it to be picked up and restrung promptly to minimise turnaround time. This also helps us to place any orders of any particular string that might be out of stock to again, minimise turnaround time.

Please try to include as much detail as possible when filling out the form.







Not sure what string or what tension to go for?

If you aren't sure what kind of string you want in you racket, why not drop us a quick email at: info@cmstringers.com and we will happily recommend a string and tension for you based on your racket type and what you’re looking for in a string based on your durability, power and control preferences.

STEP 4 - Pick Up Your Racket!
STEP 3 - Pay For Your Racket!
STEP 2 - Drop Off Your Racket!
STEP 1 - Tell Us About Your Racket!


Welcome to the service section. This section outlines how to go about getting your racket serviced. Below, you will find details of  where to drop off your racket to be restrung. We will be adding more drop off points in the future. We will endeavour to ensure that rackets are restrung within 24 hours of receiving the rackets. Exceptions will occur if strings need to be ordered from one of our suppliers or if accessories need to be ordered. Follow the steps below to get your racket restrung in a quick and efficient manner:

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