Welcome to the Tennis Strings section. Here you will find a carefully selected list of the best and most popular Tennis strings that are available for restring. If a string is available on site for immediate restring then it will be indicated on the stock status field. If the string is not available on site then we will place an order with the relevant supplier. This will incur an additional 24-48 hours to the turnaround time for the stringing job to be done. To view the selection of strings we have on offer, please click on the button above.

Tennis Racket Stringing Tensions

Tennis rackets can be strung up to a much higher tension than squash rackets. Unlike Squash and Badminton rackets, the size of the racket head plays a big part in the range of tensions that the racket can be strung it for desired control or power. As with squash rackets, a racket strung at a higher tension yields more control whereas a racket string at a lower tension yields more power. The various tension ranges are illustrated below:



It is best to experiment with various tensions if unsure of what tension is best for you until a suitable one is found. Please remember to specify a tension when leaving your racket to be restrung or it will be restrung at a mid range tension according to the size of the racket head.